What is PMPay?

Electronic payment platform

PMPay is a payment services HUB with:

  • Multi-channel cash inflow functionality
    (data feed in multi-service or multi-company mode)
  • Multi-channel cash outflow functionality
    PMPay manages all collections/payments of interbank circuits (SDD, SCT, MyBank etc.) credit card circuits (one shot or pre-stored).

PMPay simplifies the management of transaction tracking, instalment payments, reconciliation and payment scheduling. It manages cash pooling, e-wallet and automatic payments after collection.

PMPay is the solution that provides you with a unique access point for checking all your collections/payments transactions.

Who uses PMPay?

Easy-to-use and complete service

Any company requiring IMMEDIATE, COMPLETE and SECURE control of their payments/collections

  • B to B: Centralisation of collections (with cash pooling option), multi-bank treasury management, customisation of permitted payment methods (according to type of customer and/or service), scheduling and management of instalment payments, outstanding debts management, alerts (text message, e-mail), E2E management from electronic invoicing to payment reconciliation.
  • B to C: E-commerce, “purchase booklet”, management of recurring payments, agent’s mobile solution for collections/payments, virtual and physical remote cash management.
  • P to P: Person-to-Person cash exchange management, Social Payments solution (for example WeChat).

Why PMPay?

A convenient solution

  • payment broker

  • multi-channel facilitator

  • automatic generator and validator of SEPA flows

  • real-time collections/payments tracking

  • security and reliability

  • works across banks and circuits

  • flexibility and customisation

  • easy to integrate with ERP

  • white label solution


PMPay is a SaaS solution which can also be installed in “product mode”.


PMPay is a PCI-certified platform – PCI Security Standards

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 27000

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