PMPay S.r.l.

PMPay S.r.l. is an electronic payment platform developed thanks to the experience of Meta J Solution S.r.l. and P.G.M.D. Consulting S.r.l.

Meta J Solution S.r.l. was founded in 2003 by a software development group. During its first years, the company specialized in software development, project planning and technical assistance to the banking and payments sector. Subsequently Meta J Solution expanded its services with IT consultancy and analysis, offering customized services for the enhancement of all type of businesses.

P.G.M.D. Consulting S.r.l. was set up in 2006 by a group of professional engineers who are involved in company process analysis, management control and project management for integrated information systems. The company creates and organizes complex computer systems especially for public administration, private and public sanitary companies.


Secure, complete and flexible

PMPay is a solution developed by JCBI Diagnostica; a tool permitting the validation, analysis and channelling of interbank payment and information flows in accordance with CBI and SEPA standards.

JCBI Diagnostica is the tool that permits the transmission of PMPay payments / collections.

Security and reliability

The guarantee of experience and numbers

In corporate banking, JCBI Diagnostica handles the following monthly transaction volumes:

  • more than 1,300,000 deposits
  • more than 7,600,000 disposals *

* (the disposals average volume refers to months in which there aren’t special tax deadlines)


PMPay is a PCI-certified platform – PCI Security Standards

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 27000

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